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Grand Valley State University    
2017-2018 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
  Sep 19, 2019
2017-2018 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

All Academic Programs A-D

Accounting - Program Description  
Accounting, B.B.A.   
Accounting, M.S.A.  
Accounting (minor)  

Advertising and Public Relations
Advertising and Public Relations - Program Description 
Advertising and Public Relations, B.A., B.S.  
    Public Relations 
Advertising and Public Relations (minor)  

African/African American Studies
African/African American Studies - Program Description 
African/African American Studies (minor)  

Aging and Adult Life
Aging and Adult Life - Program Description 
Aging and Adult Life (minor)  

Allied Health Sciences
Allied Health Sciences - Program Description 
Allied Health Sciences, B.S.  
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Trials Management  

Annis Water Resources Institute
Annis Water Resources Institute - Program Description 

Anthropology - Program Description  
Anthropology, B.A., B.S.  
Anthropology (minor)  
Applied Anthropology, Certificate    

Arabic - Program Description  
Arabic (minor)  

Archaeology - Program Description 
Archaeology (minor)  

Art and Design
Art and Design - Program Description 
Art Education (Teacher Certification), B.A., B.S. 
Art History, B.A. 
Art History (minor) 
Studio Art, B.A., B.S. 
Studio Art, B.F.A.  
    Graphic Design 

    Visual Studies 
Studio Art (minor)  

Athletic Training
Athletic Training - Program Description 
Athletic Training, B.S.  

Biology - Program Description 
Biology, B.A., B.S.  
    Biomolecular Processes    
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology    
    General Biology    
    Preveterinary Med  
    Secondary Education  

Biology, M.S. 
Biology (minor)  

Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences - Program Description 
Biomedical Sciences, B.S.  
    Nutrition Science 
Biomedical Sciences, M.H.S.  

Biostatistics - Program Description 
Biostatistics, M.S.  

Business Administration - Program Description 
Business Administration, B.B.A. 
Business Economics - Program Description 
Business Economics, B.B.A.  
    Real Estate
Real Estate, Certificate 
Business (General) - Program Description 
Business, General, B.B.A. 
Business Administration, M.B.A. 
Business (minor) 
Business Administration and Law, B.B.A./J.D. 
Business Administration and Law M.B.A./J.D.  

Cardiovascular Sonography, B.S.
Cardiovascular Sonography - Program Description  
Cardiovascular Sonography, B.S.     

Cell and Molecular Biology
Cell and Molecular Biology - Program Description 
Cell and Molecular Biology, B.S. 
Cell and Molecular Biology, B.S./M.S. 
Cell and Molecular Biology, M.S.  

Biochemistry - Program Description 
Biochemistry, B.S. 
Chemistry - Program Description 
Chemistry, B.S. 
Chemistry (minor) 
Green Chemistry - Program Description 
Green Chemistry, Certificate   

Chinese Language (minor)  

Classics - Program Description 
Classics, B.A.  
    Classical Languages  
    Classical Studies  
    Latin Secondary Education  

Classics (minor)  

Clinical Dietetics
Clinical Dietetics - Program Description  
Clinical Dietetics, M.S.   

Communication Studies
Communication Studies - Program Description 
Communication Studies, B.A., B.S. 
Communications, M.S.  

Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching
Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching Major - Program Description 
Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching, B.A., B.S.  

Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems - Program Description  
Computer Information Systems, M.S.  

Computer Science
Computer Science - Program Description 
Computer Science, B.S. 
Computer Engineering (minor) 
Computer Science (minor) 
Computer Science (minor) - Secondary Education  (6-12)

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice - Program Description 
Criminal Justice, B.A., B.S. 
Criminal Justice, M.S. 
Criminal Justice (minor) 
Information Security Systems (minor) 
Juvenile Justice (minor)  

Dance - Program Description 
Dance, B.A. 
Dance (minor)  

Data Science and Analytics
Data Science and Analytics - Program Description  
Data Science and Analytics, M.S.  

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Program Description   
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S.    

Digital Studies
Digital Studies Minor