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Grand Valley State University    
  Dec 14, 2017
2011-2012 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Applied Linguistics Minor

The Applied Linguistics minor is designed to provide systematic study of language and applied issues in language teaching, language learning, and language use. The minor is an excellent disciplinary complement to such fields as African/African American Studies, Anthropology, Classics, Communications, Computing and Information Systems, English, Education, Modern Language, Philosophy, Psychology, and Writing. The minor requires a minimum of 21 hours: 9 hours in the foundation and 12 hours in 300-level and 400-level electives (*2 exceptions). Three electives must be taken from English electives (see below) and one elective must be taken from Cross-departmental electives (see below).

Requirements for a Minor in Applied Linguistics Credits: 21

Foundation Courses (required): 9 hours

Electives: 12 hours

The minor requires four electives. Three electives must be chosen from the English electives (below). The fourth elective must be chosen from the Cross-departmental electives (below), or be an elective approved by an English linguistics advisor.

Applied Linguistics Program Description

Click here for the program description.