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Grand Valley State University    
  May 25, 2018
2011-2012 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

Requirements for the B.B.A.

Required Business Electives

Three upper-division Seidman courses are not applied to the major, minor, or cognate (9 credits total). However, these courses can be applied toward a second business major.


Students may elect nonbusiness or business courses to fulfill their elective course requirements. However, at least 60 hours of the total program must be in nonbusiness courses. Students may apply up to six hours of internship and independent research credit, in any combination, toward their degree requirements. Business majors may not take any of the major or cognate courses, except the internship, on a credit/no credit basis. Lower-division economics courses and economics courses used in the B.B.A. cognate are counted as nonbusiness credit.

Requirements for a Major in International Business

Required courses: business core, five courses from the business disciplines component, one option from the cultural component, a second Seidman major (excluding general business), and a foreign language minor or demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language. At least six credits of these must be obtained through a Grand Valley approved study abroad program. Students who feel they can demonstrate proficiency in a language will be assessed by the modern language faculty, based on American Council for Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) guidelines and a personal interview.

Business Disciplines Component

Cultural Component

Students must take six hours of course credit that may be completed by taking EITHER:

Option B:

At least six hours of international internship credit.  This option is highly recommended.

International Business Program Description

Click here for the program description.