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Grand Valley State University    
  May 21, 2018
2013-2014 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

German Minor

Requirements for a Minor in German

Minors must take at least 21 credits of German beyond the 200-level including:

Teacher Certification with a Minor

Students seeking teaching certification with a major or minor in German must attain a level of at least Advanced-Low in an official Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) before applying to the College of Education. In order to achieve this level, all teacher candidates in German are strongly urged to complete an approved study abroad program of a minimum of one semester in length. We will provide information sessions on preparing for the Oral Proficiency Interview each year. Also see the College Education website for further information on application requirements.


In addition to the above, minors must complete two elective courses at the 300 or 400 level, which may include additional courses in culture, linguistics and literature, or other elective courses.

Requirements for a Secondary Education Minor in German

The Secondary Education minor in German is designed for students seeking certification to teach German in grades 6-12. It provides a solid foundation in language proficiency, as well as cultural, literary, linguistic, and professional knowledge.

Students minoring and planning for certification in German are required to complete at least 27 hours beyond GER 202, including:

Because teacher candidates in German need to meet the state requirement of at least Advanced-Low in oral proficiency through an official Oral Proficiency Interview before admission to the College of Education, a period of study abroad in an approved program is strongly recommended. Meet with a German advisor as soon as possible to discuss your coursework and plan study abroad.