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Grand Valley State University    
2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
  May 24, 2019
2018-2019 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Bachelor of Arts in French

Requirements for a Major in French

Students majoring in French are required to complete 36 hours beyond the FRE 202 course, including the following:

The four core curriculum courses (12 credits)

Students should take careful note of the prerequisites for their chosen courses.

Students seeking to pursue a graduate degree in French are advised to complete a minor or major in another foreign language. All secondary education majors and minors must complete a study abroad program (see below).



Students must choose one course from the following:


Students must choose one course from the following:


Students must choose one course from the following:

Global Competence

Students must choose one course from the following:

Suggested Order of Coursework for a Major in French

Suggested order of coursework for students without prior language background:

The core curriculum:

Students entering GVSU with previous experience in French may start French courses at the 200 or 300 level, based on a placement exam, CLEP or AP credits, or consultation with an advisor from the French Section.

Students who wish to review beginning material before taking 200 level courses can take FRE 150 - Intensive Elementary French.

Requirements for a Certificate in Secondary Education

Students majoring in French secondary education are required to complete 39 hours beyond the FRE 202 course, including the following:

The four core curriculum courses (12 credits).


Oral Proficiency Requirement

It is a requirement of the Michigan Department of Education and Grand Valley’s College of Education that teacher candidates achieve the Advanced-Low level on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in French before student teaching. The OPI should be taken right away after returning from a study abroad program. Information sessions on the OPI and other requirements for certification are provided each semester. 

Study Abroad Requirement

Students with a French secondary education major or minor must study abroad in a French-speaking country for a minimum of one semester (12-15 credits in French at the 300- or 400-level) in a departmentally approved program. Courses taken during the study abroad semester normally fulfill some of the courses required for the major, but these need to be determined ahead of time by a French advisor. Advising is critical. Students interested in pursuing a teaching degree in French are urged to meet with a French advisor as early as possible in their program.

Students are advised to complete at least two courses (6 credits) of French at the 300-level prior to studying abroad in order to maximize proficiency gains abroad.

Students who cannot meet the study abroad requirement will need to complete an alternative plan approved by a French advisor.